Racial Qualities

[Skill] Expertise: The character may, once per scene, re-roll a check with the specific skill.

Adaptability: The character receives a +1 racial bonus to all saves.

Dark Vision: The character can see in total darkness to a distance of 20m.

Large Frame: The character may carry 50% more than the normal Strength maximum.

Light Sensitivity: Whenever the character enters an area of bright light (such as daylight) the character must resist Flash Damage 20 (DC 20 Fortitude check or become Blinded for 1d6 rounds).

Long Thrower: Add 50% to throwing weapons’ ranges.

Lucky: Twice per session, a character may reroll a failed check (attack, save, skill or damage).

Low-Light Vision: Ignore vision penalties for dim and faint light.

Passion: Once per scene, the character may spend 1 Healing Surge to get a +5 bonus to all actions until the end of his next turn (or 2 checks if there are no turns).

Resourcefulness: The character receives +1 Skill point per lever after the first, +4 skill points at first level and 1 extra feat at first level.

Short Legs: Character’s base speed is 20ft.

Small Frame: The character can carry 2/3 the normal Strength maximum.

Small Target: The character receives a +1 bonus to BAB and +1 bonus to Defense due to Size.

Smasher: The character receives a +5 bonus to Strength checks for feats of strength (such as smash through obstacles or break objects).

Racial Qualities

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